Schools in Kabul

School: Qabel Bai for primary & secondary children in Kabul
Build: refurbished 8 classrooms, repainted school, well, relaid playground
Children: 6,000+ taught in 3 shifts
BFBS TV report on this school

Repairing classrooms 2010

Kabul school completed
Classrooms completed 2011

Interior classroom repairs

Children in school

School: Khuja Ruwash for primary & secondary children in Kabul
Build: 4 classrooms + latrines
Children: 1,000+ taught in 2 shifts

Classrooms completed 2012

Desks being unloaded for new classrooms

School: – our first school – in central Kabul
Project: new tents and equipment
Children: 1,500

Tattered and torn tents at the school

Happy children with new tents and school equipment


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