Helmand school thriving

Posted on December 28, 2018 · Posted in News

The school the AAF has helped to fund in Helmand province is busier than ever with 1,660 boys in 12 grades and a growing enrolment of over 1,100 girls in grades 1-9. The government is providing 32 teachers for 18 classrooms of boys in the morning, and 14 classrooms of girls in the afternoon. With the addition of four female teachers, older girls are streaming in to enrol.

Outdoor work in 2018 was focused on painting the window frames, doors, and banisters and on plastering the entire outer second floor wall.  The number of students in each class is currently too high to accommodate chairs or desks in classrooms. However, most of them have a carpet and metal blackboard. The library has two rooms: one for books in Pashtu, one for books in English.

Ashley Jackson, a Research Associate with the Overseas Development Institute in London, visited the school while completing interviews across much of Afghanistan. She commented, “As ex-aid worker, I tend to be a bit jaded. But what you’ve collectively managed to achieve is, quite literally, a miracle. We showed up unannounced, and the boys’ side of the school was absolutely packed. Later in my visit, I peeked over at the girls’ side as well – which I really didn’t even expect to be operating under such conditions. Much to my amazement, the girls were trickling in for the second shift. I’ve never been in such a wellkept school in rural Afghanistan.”

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