New e-book ‘essential reading’ on Afghanistan

Posted on December 18, 2012 · Posted in News

Afghanistan Revealed offers the reader an incisive view into a country that has held the world’s attention for more than a decade. Hardly a day goes by without Afghanistan making news in the media – but behind the headlines, what do we really know about this complex and enigmatic country, its people, its culture and most importantly, its future? This ebook takes us beyond the media focus on politics and war into the lives of the Afghan people, and the forces that have shaped their individual and collective history.

“Afghanistan Revealed offers fresh perspectives on an ancient territory obscured by tales of tragic conflict. The compendium not only sheds new light, but offers fresh hope. It is essential reading.”
Tim Butcher, best-selling author of ‘Blood River: A Journey to Africa’s Broken Heart’

A range of distinguished specialists shed light on Afghanistan, from the earliest Aryan migrations and the emergence of Islam, through the country’s role as a key Central Asian trade centre, the Anglo-Afghan wars and the Soviet invasion, to the emergence of a post-Taliban state. We are reminded of how the Afghans have suffered in centuries of violent conflict and have stubbornly resisted all efforts to invade and dominate their land. We are presented with the tasks Afghanistan faces after the 2014 withdrawal of NATO-led combat troops, specifically the need to rebuild the country, create jobs, provide education, tap into its huge economic potential, and provide political and social harmony.

Readable and accessible, Afghanistan Revealed is essential background for anyone wishing to understand why peace and stability in the region have been so elusive. It is also an indispensable tool for foreign and Afghan policymakers who play a role in determining Afghanistan’s future.


Foreword by The Rt Hon Lord Paddy Ashdown

Introduction by Caroline Richards

1. A Brief History of Afghanistan until 1901
By Bijan Omrani

2. The Anglo-Afghan Wars
By Jules Stewart

3. Islam in Afghan History, Life and Culture
By Dr Magsie Hamilton Little

4. The North-West Frontier
By Victoria Schofield

5. The Pashtuns
By Dr Humayun Khan

6. The Last Kings of Afghanistan
By David Loyn

7. The Consequences of a Failed State
By Dr Robert Johnson

8. War Amongst the People
By Dr Robert Johnson

9. The China Gambit
By Yossef Bodansky

10. Habib: An Eastern Western
By Dr Whitney Azoy

11. Dancing with Darkness
By Dr Magsie Hamilton Little

12. Afghan Food and Culture
By Helen Saberi

13. Afghan Endgame
By Ahmed Rashid

Postscript by Dr Greg Mills and Anthony Arnott

Epilogue by Clare Lockhart

Royalties from the book are being donated to the Afghan Appeal Fund.



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