If you would like to learn more about Afghanistan and the Afghan people the following links may be of interest. We can also offer reference materials for schools – please email for more information.

Films: a series of beautifully shot mini films from Jeff Fahey‘s visits to Afghanistan and the Minas workshop he helped to establish

Article: In Afghanistan, a small player makes big changes: Marco Niada – who has visited the AAF school in Bamiyan – writes beautifully of the changes education is bringing in remote parts of the province.

AFGHANISTAN REVEALED: Behind the Headlines
This book offers the reader an incisive view into a country that has held the world’s attention for more than a decade and is essential background for anyone wishing to understand why peace and stability in the region have been so elusive.

The new hardback edition includes a foreword from HRH The Prince of Wales. Contributing authors: Ahmed Rashid, Jules Stewart, Yossef Bodansky, Greg Mills, Robert Johnson, David Loyn, Magsie Hamilton Little, Bijan Omrani, Victoria Schofield, Humayun Khan, Clare Lockhart, Whitney Azoy, Anthony Arnott, Bijan Omrani, Helen Saberi.

Article: What Went Right? by Peter Bergen in Foreign Policy Magazine, March 2013
Quick question: Which Asian country has seen its life expectancy go up an astounding 18 years in just one decade, while turning from one of the world’s most rural countries into one of its fastest-urbanizing? Oh, and the country’s GDP increased tenfold in that same period. No, this isn’t Japan in the 1960s, Singapore in the 1970s, South Korea in the 1980s, or India in the 1990s. It is Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban.
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It was 1348; a year of peace in Afghanistan

Really wonderful collection of photos and background from Eric Burt during his travels in the 1960s. Pages and photo collection can all be viewed online.


Ten years of a boy’s life growing up in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

Laurence Phelan, The Independent gave the DVD four stars and said “This fascinating documentary spans a decade in the life of an irrepressible boy…a portrait of resilience and optimism of young.” 


Fantasically inspiring story of a team’s grit and determination to beat the odds and get to the World Cup finals. Both the book and the film come highly recommended.

“Filmic gold…Remarkable” Sunday Times. You can order the book and the film from Amazon

A comprehensive selection of books and photographs from Afghanistan and Central Asia – both in and out of print. Definitely worth a look.

A paper published by Understanding Global Issues. A superb, concise summary of Afghanistan’s history, its people and the problems facing the West. Available to download for 99p from UGI’s website.

The Cost of War, Afghan Experiences of Conflict 1978-2009 OXFAM REPORT

Further Reading
Return of a King, by William Dalrymple
Kandak, by Patrick Hennessey
Cables from Kabul, by Sherard Cowper-Coles
The Dressmaker of Khair Khana, by Gayle Tzemach-Lemmon
Descent into Chaos, by Ahmed Rashid
The Great War for Civilisation, by Robert Fisk
The Sewing Circles of Herat, by Christina Lamb