What we do

The charity is run on a voluntary basis and works through non-governmental organisations, individuals and in some cases the British military in Afghanistan to ensure where possible that the school projects we are funding are viable.

To date, the Afghan Appeal Fund has built or refurbished 11 schools in 6 provinces, allowing over 6,000 children to attend school. Our 11th project is in Helmand Province and is by far our largest school – there are currently 2000 children attending lessons there including 700 girls. Read more…

Criteria for selecting a new project are:

– in a location where there is a recognised need for a new or additional school
– with buy-in from local elders and a formalised guarantee of land usage so long as the building remains a school
– where no alternative funds are available or insufficient to build a viable school without additional funding
– a project manager, with local knowledge, with whom regular contact can be maintained
– where possible, using local materials and labour but to a credible and safe standard
– a defined plan which lays out the route to achieve Ministry of Education accreditation; this sometimes requires initial teacher sponsorship and caretaking on site to prove a schools credibility